Mobile computing for the ski industry.
As a long time NSAA member and industry supplier, over 75 ski and resort customers rely on our experienced team and innovative solutions to solve a wide range of resort and ski area business challenges. 


This year at NSAA National Convention & Tradeshow, ExtenData will focus on our Top 3 RFID Solutions for the Ski Resort Industry. Learn more about each solution.

  • HF RFID mobile computers to supplement RFID gates
  • UHF RFID mobile computers to increase lift access speed and validation
  • UF RFID card printers for cost effective pass printing
Does your resort use HF RFID gates? If so, you may be experiencing
  • Challenges with lift pass identity theft and fraud
  • Slow and congested lift lines 
  • Delays due to gate maintenance
Using handheld HF RFID readers from Zebra Technologies like the Workabout Pro 4, ExtenData can help your resort by
  • Keeping lift lines moving during busy days by supplementing HF RFID gates
  • Providing a backup tool if an RFID gate breaks down, use handhelds until repairs can be made
  • Reducing ski pass identity theft through handheld readers, providing pass owner verification and validation
If you are looking for a qualify pass scanning solution without the high cost and limitations of RIFD gates, we’ve got a solution for you.
Using UHF RFID readers from Zebra Technologies, ExtenData can help you avoid the challenges that RFID gates present.
  • Media/pass supplies are more cost effective, reusable, and are not proprietary based on the RIFD device like gate technology.
  • Without gates, mobile devices allow scanning distances is increased to 5-10ft.
  • Without gates, there is no seasonal setup and tear down of gates. Simply store your UHF RFID devices in a safe place. 
The cost of media can become overwhelming for ski operations, especially if a resort is using HR RFID proprietary printers and cards.
Why not have a card printing solution that allows your resort to tie multiple revenue generating centers into one easy to use card for your guests?
  • UHF RFID pass scanning for lift access
  • Magnetic stripes for retail and restruant purchases
With a Zebra Technologies UHF RFID card printer your resort will have a flexible and lower cost alternative solution that handles everything in one pass, which includes:
  • Photo printing
  • Bar code printing
  • RFID chip encoding
  • Magnetic strip encoding
Looking to print Non RFID Passes? We’d recommend the Zebra Series 3 Card Printers. Send us a quick message and we'll be happy to send you a quote today.
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